VBA Error Handling On Error Resume Next

VBA Error Handling On Error Resume Next

This macro code enables the On Error Resume Next function.


To enable On Error Resume Next will make the VBA program skip code that generates an error and normally stops the program.

A basic example file of the VBA macro is available for download at the bottom of this web page, or just copy and paste the code directly from this page.
In many cases it is done clever to enable the on error resume next function because the bugs in your code will not be easily found. However in some cases when you know that there might appear an error that you want the program to ignore you can disable or enable the function. After the program has run the code lines that is relevant for the problem make sure to enable the function again.



Public Sub Error_Handling_VBA_On_Error_Resume_Next()

'The error function is turned off in case of error just continue
On Error Resume Next

'An error statment is trying to be executed and no error occurs due to On Error Resume Next
Test = 5 / 0

'Normal error handling is turned on again
On Error GoTo 0

End Sub




Download excel file! VBA_Error_Handling_On_Error_Resume_Next.xls


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