Open Close Save As Word File

Open Close Save As Word File

This program opens a word file on a predefined location and saves the file with another name to another place.


In order to make the program work the reference “Microsoft Word XX.X Object Library” needs to be enabled.

The program opens a word file on a predefined place and saves the file with another name to another place. This can be useful when making quotations or other processes that need customization with text from different databases. The communication between word and excel is fully supported. 

An example file of the code is possible to download at the end of this web site, enjoy! Or just copy and paste the code directly from this page.



Sub Open_Close_Save_As_Word_File()

Dim Open_Close_Save_As_Word_File_APP As Word.Application
Dim Open_Close_Save_As_Word_File_DOC As Word.Document
Set Open_Close_Save_As_Word_File_APP = CreateObject("Word.Application")

Dim PlaceOfWordFile As String
Dim NameOfWordFile As String
Dim NewPlaceOfWordFile As String
Dim NewNameOfWordFile As String

PlaceOfWordFile = Range("B4").Value
NameOfWordFile = Range("B5").Value
NewPlaceOfWordFile = Range("B6").Value
NewNameOfWordFile = Range("B7").Value

NamePlace = PlaceOfWordFile + "\" + NameOfWordFile
NewNamePlace = NewPlaceOfWordFile + "\" + NewNameOfWordFile

Open_Close_Save_As_Word_File_APP.Visible = True
Set Open_Close_Save_As_Word_File_DOC = Open_Close_Save_As_Word_File_APP.Documents.Open(NamePlace, ReadOnly:=True)

Open_Close_Save_As_Word_File_DOC.SaveAs (NewNamePlace)

Set Open_Close_Save_As_Word_File_DOC = Nothing
Set Open_Close_Save_As_Word_File_APP = Nothing

End Sub




Download excel file! Open_Close_Save_As_Word_File.xls


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