Insert Image to Word, Resize Image, Insert Borders using VBA Excel

Insert Image to Word, Resize Image, Insert Borders using VBA Excel

The program inserts an image to a word file and resizes the images and inserts a border.


This VBA program is developed to extract an image and insert it to word file resize the image according the settings in the worksheet and surround the image with a border. The image can be re-sized using this code but the image will not change in terms of size in kilobytes. To compress an image using VBA is not possible this has to be done manually.

In order to make the program work the reference “Microsoft Word XX.X Object Library” needs to be enabled.

Example file of the VBA code is available for downloading at the bottom of this web page, enjoy! Or just copy and paste the code directly from this page.



Public Sub Insert_Image_to_Word_Resize_Image_Insert_Borders_using_VBA_Excel()

Dim Insert_Image_to_Word_Resize_Image_Insert_Borders_using_VBA_Excel_APP As Word.Application
Dim Insert_Image_to_Word_Resize_Image_Insert_Borders_using_VBA_Excel_DOC As Word.Document
Set Insert_Image_to_Word_Resize_Image_Insert_Borders_using_VBA_Excel_APP = CreateObject("Word.Application")

Dim PlaceOfWordFile As String
Dim NameOfWordFile As String

PlaceOfWordFile = Range("B4").Value
NameOfWordFile = Range("B5").Value

PlaceOfImageFile = Range("B6").Value
NameOfImageFile = Range("B7").Value

NamePlaceImage = PlaceOfImageFile + "\" + NameOfImageFile
NamePlace = PlaceOfWordFile + "\" + NameOfWordFile

Insert_Image_to_Word_Resize_Image_Insert_Borders_using_VBA_Excel_APP.Visible = True

Set Insert_Image_to_Word_Resize_Image_Insert_Borders_using_VBA_Excel_DOC = Insert_Image_to_Word_Resize_Image_Insert_Borders_using_VBA_Excel_APP.Documents.Open(NamePlace, ReadOnly:=False)

Set WORD_Image = Insert_Image_to_Word_Resize_Image_Insert_Borders_using_VBA_Excel_APP.Selection.InlineShapes.AddPicture(NamePlaceImage, False, True)
HeightOfImage = Range("D5").Value
With WORD_Image
    H = .Height
    B = .Width
    Ratio = H / B
    .Height = HeightOfImage
    .Width = HeightOfImage / Ratio
End With

WORD_Image.Borders.OutsideLineStyle = wdLineStyleSingle


Set Insert_Image_to_Word_Resize_Image_Insert_Borders_using_VBA_Excel_DOC = Nothing
Set Insert_Image_to_Word_Resize_Image_Insert_Borders_using_VBA_Excel_APP = Nothing

End Sub




Download excel file! Insert_Image_to_Word_Resize_Image_Insert_Borders_using_VBA_Excel.xls


You should really put "Option Explicit" at the top of your module. Assuming of course the variables not dimensionalized in this subroutine are not public variables declared outside it, which you just failed to mention. You should adopt some better practices when producing code for others. Aside from that, thanks for the code.

Comment made by: Kevin , 2010-10-22 15:35:05

How i can use this code to a word document selecting the photos and use this code to assing a border to it?

Comment made by: Elvis , 2011-08-11 02:35:21

Oh my god, that has to be the worst variable names I've ever seen. Man, read the variables naming chapter of a clean code book.

Comment made by: Felipe , 2015-09-16 21:59:38

Doesn't work!

Comment made by: M , 2017-04-07 10:01:25

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