VBAexcel real vba macro code examples!

Write To MySQL database PHP

To be able to write data to a database and in this case a MySQL database is an efficient way of automating tasks that normally is very time consuming. This VBA Macro code writes new data to am existing MySQL database.

Extract, Get Data from MySQL PHP

This VBA Macro code extracts data from a MySQL Database and writes the data to an excel file. Many use this for large quantities of data control for PHP web development.

Determine If File or Directory Exists

The VBA Macro determines if a file or directory exists.

Update MySQL database PHP

Updating existing data in a MySQL database is easily done by using this VBA Macro code. Many are using the methodology when working with websites developed in PHP and MySQL.

Sudoku Solver

A professional tool to be able to solve complex sudoku games. The VBA program uses logic and guess functions to solve the game.

Sudoku Games Generator

Soduko Games Generator is a program that generates Sudoku games with chosen difficulty and complexity levels.

Email Sender VBA Outlook

Email Sender VBA Outlook is an emailing program that sends emails by communicating with Microsoft Outlook.

Rnd Random Function

Rnd Random function is a short code snippet that shows how the useful Rnd Random function VBA macro is working.

Google Translate by Internet Explorer Automation

This VBA Macro Code translates text using Google Translate by automation of Internet Explorer controlled through Excel.

List Files In Directory

A simple program for listing all files in a certain directory by calling a VBA Macro Code.

Read Text File Fetch Data

This code snippet reads a text file and fetches the data into the worksheet.

Make Excel Invisible and Hide Excel

The code makes excel invisible for 10 seconds and then excel will get visible again.

VBA Message Box Yes or No MsgBox

Code for calling a message box with the option Yes or No and depending on the answer different coding is executed.

Manual, Semi Automatic and Automatic Calculation or Call Calculation in VBA

A program for setting the calculation options or calling the calculation on demand.

Stop and Wait While Executing VBA Code

This programs stops and waits for a few seconds in the middle of the execution of the VBA code.

Open Close Save As Word File

This program opens a word file on a predefined location and saves the file with another name to another place.

Write Text to Word From Excel using VBA

This program opens a word file and writes text into it and customizes the text slightly.

Insert Image to Word, Resize Image, Insert Borders using VBA Excel

The program inserts an image to a word file and resizes the images and inserts a border.

VBA Error Handling On Error Resume Next

This macro code enables the On Error Resume Next function.

Database connection, retrieve data from database, querying data into excel using VBA DAO

The VBA code makes a database connection and retrieves data by calling and giving input to existing database query.